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These sites were made for a resolution of 600 x 800 pixel.
EinzugTYPOlis exists since august 1997.On june 17.1998, I changed the look and the structure radically. TYPOlis will be extended regularly (if I'll find the time).

With the blue leading strip you get directly to the most important pages
Here the explanation of the several elements:
home = here you get back to the startscreen
contents = to the contents
typography = valuables about history, classification and artists of types
design = from an idea to the final lay-out
feedback = books, guest-book, Mail
link = my »typografic« linklist
private = a picture of me, works of mine
help = this site
end = if it has to be

Symbols, appearing in TYPOlis:
please scroll = the site will go on to the right (if there are shown only three columns)! Please scroll.
glosary = only in the german version. Link to the glossary
tour = Some pages are linked by a tour. Clicking on this symbol, you'll get to the next page.
new = marks the new links in the linklist.