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At this place, I wanna mention some men to whom I owe a lot (because of active advice and aid making this homepage, other help and aid, or just because of the fun I had with them).

For both technical and human support I wanna thank Achim Opfer who teached me a lot.
Einzug Also Mr. Jürgensmeier shan't be forgotten at this place.

Thanks also to the other Bundhubärs: Christian Bär who took on (committed [the translator]) the translation into English and Werner Huber whom I more often robbed his sleep sharing a room with him.

And then I still have to mention Karina Matejcek who helped me to get rid of quite a lot of typographic and even more orthographic mistakes!

Finally I want to mention: Christian Hirsch, Susi and Tobi Schild (KB), Ingrid Adlkofer, the course 501/15 a.m.m.

If some names shouldn't be put down here, it's just a proof for one thing: doing such a project (i.e. to make such a huge homepage after work) you come to forget a thing.

Well, did I thank everybody now?


Wait for it!

Concerning the english version:

At this point, I think it's up to me (the translator) to confess that my translation maybe not matches with the requirements of good Oxford English. But it's the matter of two things: first, Michi often chose very German constructions to express himself and it was often very hard to find an english equivalent. Second, I took my last english-lesson a couple of years ago and actually I prefer french...

Of course, we are looking forward to be corrected within a short mail. English mails should be adressed to me (Bär) because Michi is not very firm in english.

Hey, my EnGlisH is more besser than U're looks like every morning after waking up! He.

Most probably, he wrote this just to show everybody how true my estimation was.