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»Shaping is a matter of taste«,
may maintain some laymen. But this is not wholly right this way. As you can tell that blue is a colder colour than red, there are also some rules in typography which have consolidated through many years.
Einzug On this and the following pages I will describe a few of these rules.

For me, the most important are these (not least because they are being ignored so often):

Often less is more!

  • Good legibility is the supreme precept
  • Modesty in the use of methods
  • Confinement to few ideas
  • Too many effects relieve mutually their effect

Certainly, I'm concious, that my list on the following pages is not complete. Anyway you shouldn't consider these rules in the absolute. Actually they shall be binding, but there is an exception: when it looks better.

But this is not yet a licence to break all rules. Radical creators like David Carson did not begin and put down just anything.
Also them, they have been working on good typography for years and only then, they defined some aspects new. But while doing that, they didn't throw away their whole knowledge.