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Now, which type suits best to the text, which to the headlines?


Headlines shall stand out and provoque reading.

Basic texts in comparison shall convey the contents in details and above all they should be well legigble.


For this reason, don't take tidy or ornamented types. Such fiddling is rather appropriate to headlines – here you have more freedom in shaping.

From case to case, you can decide if a headline should be rather legible or rahter striking.

Smaller amounts of text like invitation-cards or certificates take less importance in legibility.

On standard, they use a renaissance-roman type like e.g. Garamond (see left) as base-font or so-called bread-type. Such serif-types are more easily to decipher than their serifless relatives (e.g. Helvetica).

Serifless types often are more tiring to read for the eyes.