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Sketched idea for own use

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Daubed sketch

Before starting a design work, every designer should gather as many ideas as possible first.

For most of printings, there are lots of different possibilities of shaping, which could be taken. So it would be wrong to consider the first spontaneous idea to be the optimal solution and not to think further on. Nearly every sketch can be improved!

That is why the first step in design is the making of at least 6 to 10 daubed sketches (better 100) within them you think about the best arrangement, the sharing-out of spaces and proportions.

Daubed sketches can be made quickly and superficially, because they normally use to find ideas for the designer himself.
Einzug You can fix these ideas with a pencil on any piece of paper.

If you just don't get any idea, cut out the text-blocks and push them all over the sheed.